About MAP method

MAP – “Making anything possible” or Manifesting All Possibilities” is a cutting edge systematised coaching method created to communicate with one’s subconscious mind to treat and neutralise memories, triggers, emotions and anything that is affecting that person’s behaviours.

In MAP we have a key to accessing what is in our subconscious mind and by using specific metaphors we can help release past traumatic memories, unwanted behaviours, beliefs and emotions to create a life of more happiness and potential for everyone.

Here is a nice short video about the MAP by the Founder: Collette Streicher

Conditions improved with MAP:

Abandonment, Aggression, Anger, Anxiety, Attitude adjustment, Bed wetting, Beliefs about Self/Others, Betrayal, Body Image, Career Success, Change Habits, Communication, Concentration, Controlling behaviour, Cravings, Embarrassment, Death or Loss, Exam Anxiety, Fear of Animals, Fear of Dentist, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of School, Fear of Water etc…, Feeling Stuck, Forgiveness, Frustration, Gambling, Greed, Impatience, Impotence (Psychological cause), Improve Sales, Infertility (Stress cause), Insecurity, Insomnia, Irritability, Lack of Direction, Loneliness, Motivation, Negative Beliefs, Negative patterns, Nightmares, Obsessions, Pain Management, Procrastination, Productivity,  Public speaking, Rejection, Relationships, Relaxation, Sadness, Self Confidence, Self Control, Self Criticism, Sexual Problems, Smoking, Stuttering, Unhappiness, Worthlessness, Writer’s blocks and more….