What is a first session like?

First, you will be sent a 15 minute video to begin teaching your brain. Then, your first session can start and your practitioner will do a short training for your brain. It is all done using metaphors as the brain understands pictures the best. This part is only needed to be done once.

What does a general MAP session look or feel like?

All you need to do is bring up the issue in your mind,

Then you relax and while bringing up the thoughts and feelings as the practitioner gives an instruction to your brain to find and heal the associated memories. It is usually subconscious and you may not be aware of what is happening behind the scenes. After a few minutes, you will report the progress of what has changed for you.

Does the session work over video call?

Absolutely, MAP practitioner does not require you to be in the same room as them, as they are trained to find the correct commands by using their observational skills like muscle checking.

It is a wonderful therapy as people can connect all over the world, from the comfort their homes or workplace and in the time that suits them.

What happens after MAP session?

You will have released emotions, memories or other parts that were stopping you from living your full life – rejoice!  You are another step closer to your full potential.

Drink plenty of water, eat lightly and rest well.

Below is a short video created by the founder of MAP Coaching Institute, Colette Streicher. Enjoy 🙂