About Me

I was born in former Czechoslovakia in the late 70’s to rather ambitious and controlling parents. My father was a Principal and mother a teacher in Secondary school. I have always felt sensitive to my environment and growing up in the 80’s Eastern Europe had it’s pro’s and con’s in this aspect…

In that time it was considered normal to punish children physically, practice luckily quite frowned upon and somewhat rare nowadays. I found myself escaping into my own world and daydreaming a lot during my childhood and teenage years, due to the stresses and traumas I was experiencing, perceived or real. I have managed to detach myself from reality, a survival mechanism that helped me get through my parents divorce at the age of 9, another breakup my mother experienced 4 years later, from a new partner I was very fond of. My puberty was a turbulent time, I was a rebellious teen full of anger and stuck in self destructive behaviour. I have escaped “everything” by leaving for the UK to be an au-pair at 19, as was fashionable in those days, and honestly the only way to experience being a student in a foreign country for non EU citizens. I fell in love with the “Old Blighty” it’s interesting accents, beautiful countryside, even with the chilly damp weather. I experienced a huge sense of relief, absolute freedom! I have made many new friends, later when my English improved I even found a new boyfriend 🙂 Everything was an adventure to me and I have stayed much longer than planned. I worked in different admin roles around Berkshire,  where I have settled down with my Welsh boyfriend, now husband Ben. Few years on we had our first daughter Anna (12). Following her 1st Birthday we relocated to Singapore where we stayed for 10 years, returning back to the beautiful green hills and fields of England, specifically Bath, Somerset with and addition of one more daughter Emma (5) That was all in 2020 🙂

Since my 20s I have been suffering various strange issues, like IBS, mind fog, chronic fatique and I have found it difficult to work full time, as I was feeling so tired and unable to concentrate. After years of visiting GPs who only had various medications to offer, in the end antidepressants were suggested. Something shifted in me as I was looking at the packet of yet another medication and I was determined to make a change…

I have embarked on a journey of healing that continues to this day.

I have started a new lifestyle under the supervision of a naturopath and started on a years long journey of learning many different therapies and modalities, during which time I have moved continents, had two beautiful daughters, run a successful little business and helped many others on their healing paths.(to name a few: Reiki, Natural nutrition, Bach and Bush remedies, Essential oils, Homeopathy, Schussler tissue salts, Crystals and Orgonites, Medical intuition system, Meditation, Past life regression, Nutripuncture and finally MAP coaching method.

They are all wonderful and effective tools for healing and I still implement them in my practice. However when I experienced the powerful and fast results during a MAP session, I have decided to study and certify as a MAP practitioner to help other people free themselves from negative patterns, beliefs and other inhibitors affecting their life and stopping them from reaching their full potential.

With the help of the MAP Method, you can transform your life quickly and with lasting effects.

I look forward to working with you and supporting your journey of Manifesting All possibilities.


PS: People All over the world are experiencing amazing results with the MAP method, enjoy the videos and see if MAP is something that could help you or a loved one.